November 12, 2023

When you’ve set an intention for a new vision and hit the start button, it usually gets messy.

Everything that is not a match for that vision will present itself, usually in the form of a problem. Whether it’s unfinished business, relationships that are no longer a fit or other energy leaks. From a metaphysical standpoint, your new vision needs space to expand. It’s literally going to clear out the old and make way for the new.

Now despite how you might feel in the moment, problems are a good thing.

Why? Because they’re an opportunity for you to do things differently, to practice a way of being that is congruent with the vision you are heading toward.

From the standpoint of vision, a problem is a tool that you can use to adjust your lens, to get precise on your standards and to let go of what no longer serves you, to tune into your intuition. Once you’ve figured your way through it to the other side, problems have created the space for you to operate from the position of your new way of being.

If you list all of the problems you’ve been having from the moment you set the intention for your new vision to now, from the moment you asked for something your heart deeply wants, can you see progress?

Are the problems getting less complex? More?

Are you developing skills that you can layer together to solve even bigger problems as you expand to yet another level? Say it with me, mess before miracles for the win.

If you can’t see your way through to the other side, it’s time for help.


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