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In this Lesson On Doing What You Love, Allison Eden talks about her journey as a celebrated creator in the world of glass mosaics. Allison shares insights into her creative process, the evolution of her career, and how passion drives her success. Allison Eden has been celebrated as the ‘Lady Gaga of the Tile World,’ […]

Glass mosaic artist Allison Eden in her studio.


When you’ve set an intention for a new vision and hit the start button, it usually gets messy. Everything that is not a match for that vision will present itself, usually in the form of a problem. Whether it’s unfinished business, relationships that are no longer a fit or other energy leaks. From a metaphysical […]


Half of the kids in my neighborhood have already gone back to school, which feels a little crazy to me since I’m still in Summer mode. Last year at this time, I was closing on a house and I had no idea what was in store for us as I made a move across the […]


Most of us have learned that it’s not a good idea to “burn the bridge”, because we think of that concept exclusively in terms of relationships. But if you’ve read Napoleon Hill’s classic, Think & Grow Rich, you know that the concept of burning bridges is also a reframe for risk. Burn the bridge that […]


Happy International Women’s Day!

On this day that celebrates the working woman, I’d like to offer some blunt advice.

Don’t let people pick your brain.

Don’t barter in unequal measure.

Don’t work for free.


Having a newborn is a masterclass in change. Just when you think you’ve got baby and his behavior down, he changes it, and that demands that you roll with it. Babies are all about progress and practice. The world is one big curiosity and their growing awareness is a source of excitement, not fear.


I’ve been thinking a lot about influence and the currency it has in our culture.

As defined by Webster, influence is the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself. Share of Influence is the social metric, a combination of who is doing the talking, about you, and in what way and then what the influencer can cause people to do. It’s not as clear cut as it sounds though, and most solo entrepreneurs don’t spend a ton of time trying to track the measurements. They just want the status.


Adults whose mothers showed “extravagant” or “caressing” affection were much less likely than the others to feel stressed and anxious and were happier and more resilient. They were also less likely to report hostility, distressing social interactions, and psychosomatic symptoms. How can you treat yourself with extravagant affection?


I’m reading all of these end-of-the-decade round-ups with interest but when I see exercises that ask me to write down my own milestones from the last decade, I feel the urge to dig in my heals.

The last decade was one of the most challenging–if transformative–decades of my life so far. I lost the two family members that made me feel loved in the world. I was spat out on the other end of a job I thought would solve my financial problems and released friendships where I found myself again in the role of chronic over-giver. The first few years felt as though the ground kept moving and would never stop and the thought of looking back brings to mind the biblical story of Lot’s wife who looked back at Sodom and turned to salt.



How visible (or invisible) are you?


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