"If there is something that's important to women, chances are it's important to the world."

- Katie Keating- A Lesson On Doing It Anyway.

The rules weren’t made for us, especially when it comes to doing business. Because the way women do business has changed: everything. They don’t get who you really are, or why you want to blow up a broken paradigm, but in the books of herstory, your voice and vision mean everything. Voice Lessons Podcast taps the collective wisdom of soul-led, mission-driven entrepreneurs, like you. Women (and sometimes men) who have gone rogue and are building social, spiritual and financial wealth for themselves, their families and the world, differently. Author, producer and entrepreneur Kim Kuhteubl talks to these unexpected founders about creativity, visibility and the way that they lead offering her unapologetically feminine take on doing business. Be Visible. Speak your truth. Every other woman needs you to lead. 

Women.           Will.            Change.           The World.

Our audience is 96% women. 

Our primary audience on instagram is women aged 25-34.

Our guests are thought-leaders, move-makers and industry disruptors.

Our guests are thought-leaders, move-makers and industry disruptors.

A member of the Producers Guild of America, Kim Kuhteubl has worked in radio and animation, theatre and on television, as a critically acclaimed actor and playwright, then as a producer and writer of hundreds of hours of episodic lifestyle, news and unscripted programming.

She founded MeByDesign, an idea boutique for the Home industry in 2011 and works with creative founders in the United States, Europe and Canada. Her first book, Branding + Interior Design has taught thousands of designers how to bridge the gap between designer and design leader. 

She was chosen to be part of Majority Leaders 2021 Summer Cohort and is the Producer and Host of "VOICE LESSONS", a podcast about creativity, visibility and the way women lead, downloaded in 24 countries.


Kim Kuhteubl

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Sergio Miranda

With nearly a decade of experience, Sergio Miranda has edited a wide slate of television shows, commercials, original content, and music videos for many major networks and production companies including indie film Invisible Girl and God Bless Ozzy, the Ozzy Osborne documentary.

Working as a development editor and post-production consultant by day, as a storyteller his goal is to approach topics without baggage or dogma and find answers to questions that go to the heart of what it means to be a human being. He is dedicated, creative, an artist and committed to making a change in the world through both his family and work. Sergio is currently producing and editing a documentary The Heart Beat about the healing power of music and sound in association with Wahlberg entertainment.

Visit www.sergiotheeditor.com for more information.

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