A Lesson On Patriarchy Stress Disorder with Dr. Valerie Rein

January 24, 2020

A Lesson on Patriarchy Stress Disorder with Dr. Valerie Rein

In this episode, psychologist, DR. VALERIE REIN  talks about why some high-achieving women feel disconnected from their purpose and relationships. Using science, she redefines the definition of trauma and connects the dots to reveal an invisible lineage, a previously undefined trauma that has been passed down among generations of women, one that holds many high achievers back from living a full and thriving life.

A woman who starts her own business is often a high achiever, with a perfectionistic streak that puts her under even more pressure, especially if she is the family’s main breadwinner. Maybe she can’t fall asleep or she’s anxious all the time, or she’s not feeling at all?

In her new book psychologist, Dr. Valerie Rein uses science to redefine the definition of trauma, connecting the dots to reveal an invisible lineage, a previously undefined trauma that has been passed down among generations of women. It’s called Patriarchy Stress Disorder. 

a-voice-lesson-on-patriarchy-stress-disorder-dr-valerie-reinDr. Valerie Rein has discovered Patriarchy Stress Disorder (PSD) and created the only science-backed system for helping women achieve their ultimate success, happiness, and fulfillment by healing the collective, inherited trauma of oppression. She holds an EdM in Psychological Counseling from Columbia University and a PhD in Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.



  • A new definition of mind/body trauma and how it affects our daily lives
  • How to feel proud and confident in what you’ve accomplished
  • How and why some women feel like they have invisible inner walls that hold them back
  • What is Patriarchy Stress Disorder and how what does the study of epigenetics have to do with it?
  • Is there a place for spirituality in science?
  • Why some women seek external validation
  • What does the goddess Kali have to do with feminine leadership?


(5:23) On the level of the mind, thinking, “Oh, no one would want to listen to me.” Like, “who cares, who do I think I am? What do I have to say?” Right? Talking yourself out of it, the inner critic, the imposter syndrome, what we call the upper limit problem. These are all trauma defenses.

(9:20) 90% of all health conditions are stress-related. And especially seeing that among high achieving women was really troubling.

(11:02) And the light bulb moment was that women have been oppressed for thousands of years and oppression is traumatic and trauma is genetically transmitted. So that’s how Patriarchy Stress Disorder as a term, as a definition of a condition was born.

(11:25) We carry in our DNA trauma programming that previous generations developed to help them survive. And that programming spells out all the things, right? Those survival instructions, don’t be too visible, don’t be too rich, you can’t love who you love, you cant, etc. All the prohibitions on women.

(13:41) I thought it was interesting. You say the unconscious privilege of men under the patriarchy is being believed in. I actually feel that 100% that visibility is something that I work on a lot with clients and that is actually one of the biggest problems. They can’t explain why it is they’re afraid to be seen.

(14:39) Our actions I decided in our subconscious. The conscious mind only catches up later to rationalize them.

(19:53) Men doesn’t equal patriarchy and patriarchy doesn’t equal men. Patriarchy is a system of inequality of power. A system where historically men have more political, financial power, social power, power of decision making. Every kind of power. But it doesn’t mean that men benefit from it on a deep whole-person level.

(23:00) Until 1988, women couldn’t get a business loan without having a male relative or husband co-sign. That’s when the Women’s Business Ownership Act, or H.R. 5050, came into law. **

(23:23) This generation of women leaders asking questions, they’re probing, they’re asking if the old structures, the old definitions of success are working out for them. And many women are waking up to the fact that these are not working out for them.


Patriarchy Stress Disorder, Valerie Rein

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** Until 1988, Women Couldn’t Get Business Loans Without a Man


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voice-lesson-on-patriarchy-stress-disorder-dr-valerie-rein voice-lesson-on-patriarchy-stress-disorder-dr-valerie-rein


A Lesson On Patriarchy Stress Disorder with Dr. Valerie Rein


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