Deciding the objects we surround ourselves with in our homes can be a journey of self-exploration. In this Lesson on What We Keep, Jean Lin, Founder and Curator of New York City design gallery and studio Colony, speaks about her new book, what designers make, what they collect and understanding the creative power of collecting. […]

Asian American Entrepreneur Jean Lin in a white dress with blonde ahir


In this Lesson On Commitment, Rich Nichols talks about fighting for equal pay for the United States Women’s National soccer team (USWNT). Rich shares insights into what it takes to stand up to the entire US Soccer Federation and why women are just people who get things done without any ego involved.   Rich Nichols […]


“What are you?” It’s a question Dr. Sarah Gaither was asked a child growing up mixed race. Now she studies the effects of that question and others related to identity at Duke University’s Identity & Diversity Lab. In this episode on belonging, we talk about identity denial, identity accessibility, and why she’s using her own […]



Where does creativity come from? And how do creatives, especially women, tackle failure? In this “lesson on escalating dares”, Ilana Ben-Ari talks about how she turned her creative vision into a business, despite the stigma that women and creatives are limited to just coming up with ideas. Why stop at invention, when you can build your own business? Find out how to tackle the fear of failure and use playful creativity and bootstrapping efforts to build something you can truly be passionate about.



A Lesson On Doing It Anyway with Katie Keating One in four Americans is a woman over 40. Katie Keating co-founded Fancy Inc., a 100% women-owned, operated, and focused advertising agency to help advertisers speak to them. In this lesson on “doing it anyway,” she talks about her mission, the 3%, and why women need […]



s her belief that audacious ideas have the ability to change the world. Her company I Am That Human works with the biggest, baddest people, brands, organizations, campaigns, and initiatives to inspire people and innovate humanity.



ritt Baker and her company Dow Janes are on a mission to get 10,000 women invested by the year 2025. Why? Because good things happen when women have money. In this lesson on “how to think like an investor”, we speak to why it’s time for women to take control of their money so they can have more choices, louder voices, and more financial confidence when it comes to investing and building a foundation for their future.



Noricks is a pioneer in the Fashion PR industry. In 2006, she founded PR Couture, a career platform and sourcebook for lifestyle communicators, as a way to highlight where strategy and fashion intersect. In this “lesson on being seen”, we learn how she was able to pivot personally and professionally along the way to help more women become visible in their own businesses.



Women face misogyny at work every day but the construction industry is like the Wild West and has the second-highest rate of sexual harassment complaints in North America. Natasha Fritz experienced that harassment which is why when she heard a misogynist clip on a construction industry podcast, she decided to do something about it. In this episode, “A Lesson on Doing the Right Thing”, she shares why her choice to publicly call out the offensive remarks was the only choice.




How visible (or invisible) are you?


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