I’m reading all of these end-of-the-decade round-ups with interest but when I see exercises that ask me to write down my own milestones from the last decade, I feel the urge to dig in my heals.

The last decade was one of the most challenging–if transformative–decades of my life so far. I lost the two family members that made me feel loved in the world. I was spat out on the other end of a job I thought would solve my financial problems and released friendships where I found myself again in the role of chronic over-giver. The first few years felt as though the ground kept moving and would never stop and the thought of looking back brings to mind the biblical story of Lot’s wife who looked back at Sodom and turned to salt.


So what’s the real reason you’re not getting what you envision for your life and business? Because you keep settling for close. Close isn’t what you asked for. It’s not terrible, it’s just close. It’s tricky because close seems like it’s a fit. Part of close even feels like a fit.



How visible (or invisible) are you?


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