December 13, 2018

So what’s the real reason you’re not getting exactly what you envision in your life and business
You keep settling for close.

Close isn’t what you’ve really asked for.

It’s not great. You can live with it. But make no mistake, close is a distraction.

Close doesn’t light you up, even when she’s disguised as tricky.

Close will tempt you with something that seems like it’s a fit. A piece of close may even look like a fit. Another piece might feel like it too.
But close isn’t it, close is a call.

Sometimes close calls with information, with a hint that a dream has gotten old, or that course correction is necessary.

Close shows up as a client with an interesting project who says they’ll hire you if you reduce your fees or change the terms of your agreement or both.

Close shows up as the man of you dreams who isn’t sure he wants kids, although you know you do.

Close is that friend who keeps her word half of the time, only sometimes, when you need her most.

Close in all of her patchy permutations is never close enough.

Stop. Settling.

Close is not your source.

Done lies in the realm of source and is waiting for you to go and get it.



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