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Deciding the objects we surround ourselves with in our homes can be a journey of self-exploration. In this Lesson on What We Keep, Jean Lin, Founder and Curator of New York City design gallery and studio Colony, speaks about her new book, what designers make, what they collect and understanding the creative power of collecting. […]

Asian American Entrepreneur Jean Lin in a white dress with blonde ahir


If you’ve ever shown up in a room, boardroom or otherwise, on a job site or at a conference where people don’t expect to see a woman like you, raise your hand. If you’re Generation X or older, it’s pretty much par for the course. For all of you, Voice Lessons Podcast Creator and Co-Producer […]


In this Lesson On Owning Your Own Narrative, visionary architect and advocate, Pascale Sablan talks about how a pivotal moment in her early days studying architecture called her to her larger purpose of uplifting the voices of women and people of color, not only in the field, but beyond the build environment.   A Lesson […]


In this Lesson On Doing What You Love, Allison Eden talks about her journey as a celebrated creator in the world of glass mosaics. Allison shares insights into her creative process, the evolution of her career, and how passion drives her success. Allison Eden has been celebrated as the ‘Lady Gaga of the Tile World,’ […]

Glass mosaic artist Allison Eden in her studio.


Dana Marlowe turned a moment into a movement. What began with the question, “What can I do with my old bras?” led to the creation of I Support the Girls, a national non-profit organization that provides a source of dignity, self-esteem, empowerment, and support to marginalized women via the donation of bras and menstrual hygiene […]


Seventeen years after Mara Smith left her career as an attorney to raise her family, she’s back full force not only with the valuable skills she learned as a mother, but with the drive to start a successful Tequilla brand in the spirits industry. A Lesson On Why It’s Never Too Late with Mara Smit […]



Where does creativity come from? And how do creatives, especially women, tackle failure? In this “lesson on escalating dares”, Ilana Ben-Ari talks about how she turned her creative vision into a business, despite the stigma that women and creatives are limited to just coming up with ideas. Why stop at invention, when you can build your own business? Find out how to tackle the fear of failure and use playful creativity and bootstrapping efforts to build something you can truly be passionate about.



s her belief that audacious ideas have the ability to change the world. Her company I Am That Human works with the biggest, baddest people, brands, organizations, campaigns, and initiatives to inspire people and innovate humanity.



Noricks is a pioneer in the Fashion PR industry. In 2006, she founded PR Couture, a career platform and sourcebook for lifestyle communicators, as a way to highlight where strategy and fashion intersect. In this “lesson on being seen”, we learn how she was able to pivot personally and professionally along the way to help more women become visible in their own businesses.




How visible (or invisible) are you?


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