A Lesson On Owning The Room With Kim Kuhteubl

May 17, 2024

If you’ve ever shown up in a room, boardroom or otherwise, on a job site or at a conference where people don’t expect to see a woman like you, raise your hand. If you’re Generation X or older, it’s pretty much par for the course. For all of you, Voice Lessons Podcast Creator and Co-Producer Kim Kuhteubl leads “A Lesson on Owning The Room.”



Listen To A Lesson on Owning the Room with Kim Kuhteubl:

Topics Discussed in A Lesson On Owning The Room With Kim Kuhteubl:

1. You are an F.O.D. (First Only Different). That’s what Shonda Rhimes, the most powerful woman in television calls women like you and now that’s a subject in universities. You can also get a degree in Influencer marketing if you choose and you know who dominates that industry, women too.

2. People Can’t See What You Think.
Overestimating the degree your thoughts are transparent to others is another cognitive bias a called the “illusion of transparency”. So as much as you may feel like it when you’re anxious, other people cannot see what you think.

3. People can’t see what you think and a lot of the time, they don’t care. It’ why Don Miguel Ruiz says, Don’t Take Anything Personally in the four agreements. You are, at least you should be, the center of your own universe but not everyone else’s.

4. You may feel like target sometimes.

5. Write Your Own Narrative.

6. Let Them Underestimate You.

7. You are being used.


A Lesson On Owning The Room With Kim Kuhteubl


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