Rip The Bandage Off

December 21, 2018

Sometimes you have to rip the bandage off.

Sometimes there is no easy way to get started, to move, to say goodbye to do that thing you know you’re supposed to do, but you can’t bring yourself to.

I’ve learned to ask for my lessons with a dose of joy instead of pain. But when I’m stubbornly refusing to move, when my fear is holding me hostage, the universe always has a way of insisting that I grab
at the corners of my life that have lifted and pull.

That’s what this week’s episode, A Lesson on Rage, felt like to me. Except I didn’t realize that the wounds were still there festering. The rage that bubbled up was swift and fierce, but once I spoke the truth of it, I felt a little bit more free.
Freedom I’m learning is an evolution.
Freedom requires letting go.
That was just one of the lessons my rage taught me.

Open wounds heal faster when the air touches them, when the nourishing glare of the sun mingles with broken cells and asks the new skin to grow.

What would you allow into your life if you let rage be your teacher?



Rip The Bandage Off



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