A Lesson On Following Your Intuition with Lyra Satyanarayana

May 30, 2021

A Lesson on Following Your Intuition with Lyra Satyanarayana

Lyra Satyanarayana and her family packed up their belongings and headed to a new life, virtually overnight. Why? Intuition. In this episode, you’ll be taken along Lyra’s journey from leaving her multi-million dollar real estate business by connecting with her spirituality to realize the bigger vision for her life.

Lyra Satyanarayana and her family packed up their belongings and headed to a new life, virtually overnight. Why? Intuition. In this episode, you’ll be taken along Lyra’s journey from leaving her multi-million dollar real estate business by connecting with her spirituality to realize the bigger vision for her life.

a lesson on following your intuition with Lyra SatyanarayanaLyra is a catalyst for the spiritual transformation of the world. She gives us strength and purpose, noticing through her eyes that which you’re destined to see. She is not a guru, teacher, or coach in the traditional sense. Lyra embodies the living light of Divine Mother, and through her presence and voice helps awaken us to our own divine nature.

Her love and compassion transcend conscious awareness, piercing through to our hearts in ways we may never fully understand so we can let go of challenging experiences and have the courage to love fiercely and without compromise.

She is an ally to liberate our souls and restore freedom, enabling us to let go of distractions from habitual desires and instead tap into our true passion.



  • How do women balance work life with personal life?
  • The decision Lyra had to make between being a CEO and being a mother.
  • Why it’s ok to start over and create the life you want.
  • Your intuition leads you into darkness but sometimes that’s part of the growth.
  • Divorce is not necessarily a bad thing. 
  • Why Lyra decided to close her multi-million-dollar business essentially overnight.
  • The shifts that happened to Lyra and her family and where her intuition led them next.
  • The moment Lyra knew she would show up in the world differently. 
  • The teachings that Lyra uncovered on her new journey in Crestone, Colorado, and why she went to that particular town.
  • How Lyra and her husband handled their divorce and how intuition tied into this decision. 
  • Why we are anxious about slowing down and focusing on our soul.
  • Lyra’s new spiritually focused business. 
  • We are so far removed from the spiritual in today’s society.
  • The separation between religion, government, and capitalism and alternative solutions around their messages.
  • People have separated out divinity from humanity to the capacity that we compartmentalize it so much it’s unrecognizable.
  • Lyra’s definition of the Unholy Trinity
  • You can never exit the system while living inside of it.
  • What is it that’s truly missing is something we need to get in touch with more.
  • Your spiritual connection to yourself and how to extract yourself from your truest way of being. 
  • Whatever you’re doing today is for you. It is the thing that you’re supposed to be doing until it’s not.
  • People with their purpose use it as an excuse to not work hard in the moment and to not show up in the present.
  • Women who are so successful often feel like something is still missing.
  • Future Forecasting vs. Manifestation and your sense of the larger vision.
  • Lyra’s definition of “Direct Knowing.”
  • The unfolding of the larger vision can be fun and joyful because you’re not committed to the path because it rarely works the way you expect in the first place.
  • Live in the present, even in the bad moments.
  • How to turn “why is this happening to me” into “this had to happen to me for a reason.”
  • Lyra’s message for what it means to be a woman leader in this moment.
  • Feminine leadership principles and what they mean to Lyra.  
  • Intuition lead vs. Heart lead and how that applies to feminine leadership. 



Crestone, Colorado

Communities thrive when you give money to women.

The heart and the magnetic field.


(7:50-8:59) So my husband and I, we went through a divorce as part of this sort of life evolution process. But at the time getting him on board was just sitting down and having quality conversations. And it was, this is no longer for me. And when you have that kind of resolve of this is not for me, you can’t do it anymore. And I think he saw that in my eyes and felt it in my body. Like my wife can’t do this thing anymore. And so he said, okay. And he had tremendous amount of faith in me and in us that has not been displaced actually. You’ll we’ll come back to that. I’m sure later in the conversation, but it was okay. We’re done this chapter of our life is now behind us. We don’t know what’s coming next. It’s going to be an adventure, but I trust you. I trust us. Let’s go.   

(9:54-11:55) So I was on my way to a friend’s house for a health warming party. And when I got there, it was all of her personal friends. I had served as a real estate broker. That’s why I was invited. And her friends were very spiritual and somebody walked up to me and I said, I have a message for you from spirit. You need to go to a mountain town called Crestone. And I said, what’s Crestone. Cause I had grown up in Colorado, but I had never heard of that town. And she was like, I don’t know. It’s just a message that I got from spirit. And so I went home and I thought about it, the courageous audacity that somebody would have to just walk up and introduce themselves. Or even before introducing themselves say, this is a message I have for you essentially from God.

(14:02-14:33) People chase their purpose and think “what’s my purpose.” And they find the deepest satisfaction in their life if they feel that they’re not living their purpose. And so how you can navigate around that to make yourself more comfortable is whatever you’re doing today is for you. It is the thing that you’re supposed to be doing until it’s not. And so you don’t make these long-term commitments of a year or 10 years or 30 years. You show up in the moment and give a hundred percent to the moment to being present with what you’re doing until that’s not for you anymore and you’ll know when.

(15:40- 16:12) A question that comes up a lot, especially with women who are so successful is “I have everything that should make me happy, but something is missing because I’m not as happy as they’re telling me I should be.” And so you have to step back and ask, well, what is it that’s truly missing? That’s a big part of my revolution. My evolution in this process was just, “wow, I have the life. Everybody wants to live success. The husband, the cute kids, all the things.” And I was miserable, totally miserable.

(16:36-17:38) Your spiritual connection to yourself, your spiritual connection to God who lives inside of you or spirit or universe or whatever language that you choose to use, how much time do you spend understanding who you are and then operating at the depths of you not doing something because somebody has told you, that’s what you need to do or not doing something because society says, this is the definition of success, but my soul, this is how I have to show up and navigate. This is what I am in this world. This is what I’m bringing to this world. And people get so far separated from that, that they wake up and go “What am I doing here? What’s my life purpose.” I think purpose is a word that is overused. And isn’t the right choice of words for many reasons, but that’s a different conversation, but you know, they wake up and like, “what am I doing here? Is this beyond intuition?” I think there are some pieces beyond intuition. I call it direct knowing. And really, maybe it’s just an evolution of intuition in some capacity. Intuition is a hunt. I’m supposed to head in this direction. Knowing is I have to do this. I’m committed to this because it’s me because it’s for me.

(19:20-19:40) When you think about what will my life be like in the future? How much of it is filtered through what we think we want, because we’ve been advertised to with magazine clippings, this car that I want this house that I want, whatever versus, “okay, I’m going to be showing up in the world as this.” And “I don’t know how I’m going to get there when who’s going to help me, how it’s going to work. But I know it’s part of my future and I’m just trusting that my everyday decisions are going to get me there.”

(22:34-22:3) I do think that there is a very distorted masculine leadership and anything that doesn’t feel like that right now is being labeled as feminine. And I think where we’re headed is a very major balance of it.


a-lesson-on-following-your-intuition-with-lyra-satyanarayana a-lesson-on-following-your-intuition-with-lyra-satyanarayana


A Lesson On Following Your Intuition with Lyra Satyanarayana


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