A Lesson On Money with Kim Kuhteubl

March 2, 2021

Plenty of books offer left-brained suggestions about how you can save, invest and get out of debt but for a lot of people, the subject of money is emotional and intangible.If you’re a chronic under-earner or even if you earn good money, but have an income cap, changing your relationship to money has to do with one of these three things. Hint, it’s got nothing to do with giving up your morning latte.

Kim Kuhteubl is an award-winning producer, author, and member of the Producers Guild of America. She has produced hundreds of hours of episodic and lifestyle digital content before founding company MeByDesign in 2011 to work with creative women on becoming visible.



  • How sale culture teaches you to reduce the value of your work.

  • The top three ways you can shift your ability to bring more money in.

  • Why women undervalue themselves.

  • Why your creative energy is a powerful form of currency.

  • How sale culture shows up in our negotiations.

  • How lack energy has leaked into our careers, romantic relationships, and friendships.

  • Questions to ask yourself before you “collaborate” with others or offer your creative services in trade

  •  How to not operate from the scarcity mindset; the belief that we don’t have enough, will never have enough, will never be enough.

  • The power of receiving.


(2:47) Here’s the thing, if money is a flow of energy, it’s natural for it to flow in and out. So as money flows out, it is supposed to flow back in, but too often creative women panic on the outflow. They clench and block the natural flow back in. Now they’re in life’s feedback loop, feeling stuck or broke or in debt, aka flow stop. There are plenty of books with left-brained suggestions about how you can save, invest and get out of debt but for a lot of people, the subject of money is emotional and intangible. If you’re a chronic underearner or even if you earn good money, but have an income cap, changing the way your move money usually has to do with one of these three intangible things: your value, energy and your ability to receive.

(5:29) Women’s unpaid work subsidizes the cost of care that sustains families, supports economies and often fills in for the lack of social services. There is a legacy of people who profit from its value unconsciously and as women, we’re used it to it, immune to it.

Because when it comes to womens’ value, everyone has an opinion and often the voices of other people, family, peers, your critics will ring louder than your own because in the old model, that’s what we’re taught to pay attention to. Feedback.

(6:21) At the deepest level of your soul, you know your value is intrinsic. Whether or not you are valued by others is their truth not yours.

(7:09) Why not practice a new belief—and remember, beliefs are thoughts you practice over and over again. Why not practice a new belief that you are paid the full value of your services and that money flows in and out of your life and bank account when you need it. You’ve got nothing to lose.

(8:35) The people who want you to work for free wouldn’t dream of it. The ones who prey on your ideas won’t follow your advice anyway. So don’t trade. Because too often, you don’t understand the value of what you’re giving away. That promise they make to you, the one about you getting exposure when you invest your creative currency in their project. It’s a lie.

(10:42) Creative work, service work, women’s work has LONG been devalued but creative women need not be complicit in the devaluation process. The ease with which your ideas flow to you and your desire to help people is your currency, your wealth. You can do amazing work AND get paid. You are SUPPOSED to get paid but to do that you have to start receiving.

(12:01) Receiving is not your problem. Receiving is automatic. Whether it’s verbal or non-verbal, visible or invisible, subconscious or conscious, we take it in. It’s your relationship to receiving that is getting in the way, especially when it comes to money.

(15:03) Imagine if you spent all of your time focused on what you want instead of what you don’t? It is impossible to think two contradictory thoughts at the same time. What kind of woman would you be? What kind of bold, change-making, life-affirming, humanity-moving visions would be unleashed?


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A Lesson On Money with Kim Kuhteubl



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