It’s None Of My Business But….

December 2, 2018

I don’t know why I’m asking this because it’s really none of my business but is that KC person, a relative of yours?

This was a private message I sent to a FB acquaintance on Friday night when the riots over the death of George Floyd were beginning to escalate.

Friday, my acquaintance posted the Jimmy Kimmel commentary on the story and KC went off on a rant about how racism was an excuse, reverse racism and something else I don’t remember, because I snapped.

KC’s profile pic is a rodent of some kind but he is a white man and his comment gave courage to another one to jump in about George Floyd’s pre-existing conditions—none have been reported excepted a knee on his throat—and support for the police officer who murdered George Floyd under suspicion of forgery.

You know KC’s type. You see them in Facebook threads all of the time, playing devil’s (literally) advocate, writing shockingly cruel, racist or sexist comments in the name of “critical thinking”.

I’d watched KC do that on my acquaintance’s feed for a few years since the election. My acquaintance is someone who I cast in a project back in 2006 and we stayed in touch. I find his posts interesting, even though I don’t always agree with his position, I appreciate the different perspective.

KC had tried to attack me a couple of times and my friend always intervened. He usually goes after women, the sensitive kind, and there are a lot of women like me on my acquaintance’s feed so it was a fantastic hunting ground.

From a spiritual perspective, I used to believe it was important to allow people with wildly different beliefs into conversation and contact with me. As a leader, you have to understand all sides of the story, and although I definitely have opinions when “coach Kim” comes on the scene, I can offer unbiased solutions I didn’t even know were in me. That is until moral conduct and justice become part of the equation.

Murder is pretty cut and dry to me. Whether you’re Christian or not, thou shalt not kill sums it up. I also believe that ALL humans are the expressions of the divine and hold the SAME value by virtue of their existence.

Understanding my empathic nature, I now realize that those people who I offered the benefit of my presence weren’t there to listen, learn or change their perspectives because of me, they were there to feed off of me.

Also, and more importantly, unless I am working with you as a coach, it is not my job to teach you about your unconscious biases, about racism or how privilege has infiltrated the justice system. That is yours. Or my job to prove my worthiness to you. My creator knows. That is why I am here.

I also got that the most spiritual thing I could do would be to stop engaging with them and put focus on the people who like me were committed to doing the necessary work to bring the systems, structures and law back into harmony for all people, regardless of sex, culture or income level.

I didn’t respond to KC’s comment but I did send a note to my acquaintance because I knew that I could no longer be friends with someone who was willing to give a platform to a person who consistently tried to distract the rest of us from doing the necessary work of change, who turned a blind eye to injustice and relished in the game of inciting pain for sport.

Because in case it isn’t obvious, I don’t believe that black men in America should be tried for their suspected crimes on the sidewalks or the side of the road. No, I haven’t forgotten Ahmaud Arbery, or Trayvon Martin. No crimes were committed by those people, except being alive. Breonna Taylor’s crime was going to sleep in her home.

As a leader and a mother, sometimes it is just black and white, right and wrong and if you don’t understand that, you are not my friend.

Hah.? We went to school together which is the only reason I’ve kept him around. I just blocked him and the other idiot for their comments. Many have asked why I was still friends




It’s None Of My Business But….



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