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Kim Kuhteubl, Producer, Writer, Voice

Kim Kuhteubl is an entrepreneur, award-winning producer and member of the Producers Guild of America.

As a producer, Kuhteubl she has created episodic lifestyle, news and unscripted programming for digital, cable and network television. Her films have screened at leading festivals in countries as diverse as Africa, the United States, Iran, England and Canada, including Toronto International Film Festival’s Sprockets Globetrotters Series.

Fun facts: Kim’s voice has been featured in several animated and anime series and radio dramas, including the radio premiere of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale and The Robber Bride for CBC Radio. She also starred in the premiere of the play adaption of Atwood’s The Edible Woman for Theatre On The Grand. She’s been an Atwood junkie since the early days.

When the world defied Nostradamus in 2000 and didn’t end, Kim took it as a sign to produce those t-shirt and underwear ideas she had in her head. Her company Girly Girl Bits, was sold in 44 stores across Canada pre-internet. Yes, she’s that old.

Kim is the mama to one son and the human to two tiny (exceptionally loud) dogs.


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Sergio Miranda, Producer, Editor

With nearly a decade of experience, Sergio Miranda has edited a wide slate of television shows, commercials, original content, and music videos for many major networks and production companies including indie film Invisible Girl and God Bless Ozzy, the Ozzy Osborne documentary.

Working as a development editor and post-production consultant by day, as a storyteller his goal is to approach topics without baggage or dogma and find answers to questions that go to the heart of what it means to be a human being. He is dedicated, creative, a family man, an artist and committed to making a change in the world through both his family and work. Sergio is currently producing and editing a documentary The Heart Beat about the healing power of music and sound in association with Wahlberg entertainment.

Visit www.sergiotheeditor.com for more information.



Jessica Minalga, Associate Producer

Jessica Minalga is a Digital Marketing professional specializing in content strategy and brand management. With a background in Public Relations, she has worked for multiple lifestyle and service-based brands creating online visibility opportunities and original on-brand stories, sharing them across multiple digital platforms in a creative and strategic way.

As the Program Coordinator for MBD Mastermind, she works as both friend and colleague to generate personalized and own-able moments for designers. She is motivated by helping interior design brands get placed in front of the right audience.



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