Lately, I’ve been finding the cultural obsession with “getting things on the cheap” beyond draining. Whether it’s some tchotchke, an experience, or more often the services of another creative person, for some, the only way to win, or spark joy, is to reduce the value of…READ MORE


A while back while she was in the midst of her yoga certification, my young cousin reached out to ask me a question and about her grandfather and her grandmother, who by that time had divorced. Without much thought, I answered her according to the truth as I knew it—


Yesterday I was on a panel—via zoom—at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto. If you’ve never been to the city, it’s located on the water’s edge and is a popular location for festivals, art, concerts and performance.

The topic was “Raising our Sons: White + Black Mothers Speak”. I don’t have a whole lot of experience being a mom yet but it’s something that I’m quickly forming opinions about. I had already held a similar support and thought session like this for clients shortly after the riots began. But yesterday was different because the audience was strangers and it was extra important for me to speak clearly from the truth of my experience.



How visible (or invisible) are you?


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